Sunday, May 02, 2010


Hey everyone. Today is my first day off in 3 weeks! I'm not sure what to do with myself. Maybe I should clean my room since I haven't done it in six months. It's not too bad, I can still find everything. My German hasn't come very far, probably because of the fact that I'm working everyday. Europe is still a go, even though there is a money issue I will go no matter what. Turns out I owe the government A LOT in taxes. I know it sounds kind of crazy but I'm going to try get a third job! I need one so I can pay all this stuff off and be able to go to Europe. I just finished up my resume and this week I'm going to distribute it. Oh and Kevin, my favorite African Filipino friend is coming back in June!!!! I can't wait to see him!
So that's me, then there is my friend who has been hurt and betrayed so badly that everything that has happened to me combined isn't as bad as what has happened to her. I feel so bad for her and I can't really help. I can tell her that people still care for her and give her my advice but no one can fix what has happened. I keep thinking there are good people in the world, men in particular and they keep proving me wrong over and over again. I swear my blog posts will get more positive soon.


At 12:40 PM, Blogger Joleen said...

Steph, nice to see you back in blogland! Hope you enjoyed your day off.

That's sad about your friend. Just listening is a big support. It's times like this that you find out who your real friends are.

Don't give up on people. There are still some good ones out there.

At 10:18 PM, Blogger trippy spaz said...

can't wait to see you too buddy! you just got me stoked even more reading this lol.
bummer about your friend eh... dunno what to say. all that sucks. just try to stay positive I guess. good things eventually come around.


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