Saturday, June 19, 2010


As most of you know I bought my plane tickets, so it's official, I'm going to Europe for a month!!!!! I'm so excited. I still have lots of stuff to get ready. I need to buy a Euro rail pass, research all the cities we will be going to, find places to stay, learn the languages, buy a backpack, and figure out how I'm going to pay for everything. Yah!!!
So the G20 summit is effecting me because I work right in downtown Toronto where all the action is. Streets are being blocked, buildings are getting giant plastic shields, sidewalks are boarded up, traffic is a nightmare and vandalism has already started. People are saying during the G20 you shouldn't go downtown but if you do you shouldn't wear nice clothing because you might become a target. My workplace is shutting down on Friday because they say it's too dangerous. Day off :)
The World Cup!!! One of the greatest things about living in Toronto is how obsessed everyone is about the World Cup. During a game every bar is packed. There are so many people watching that some people have to stand outside and watch through the window. Everyone gets so into it, they wear their jersey, they celebrate, they have flags on their cars, I love it.
So Kevin had his surgery, apparently it went well. Poor kid. Then there is Lauren who is past her due date. I'm anxiously awaiting a text to let me know she had her baby. The best part is no one knows if it's a boy or a girl. Whenever there is life there is death. I had to go to a funeral yesterday. Actually it was a viewing. Michael's grandma died, they were very close. It's so hard to know what to do and what to say when someone dies. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this update.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Concert :)

I'm back from New Brunswick. I had a pretty great time relaxing and hanging out with Amanda and her family. We were near a town that was completely french. All their signs were french, and everyone in the stores spoke french. I had no idea New Brunswick had little towns like that. I tried to teach Trey how to walk while I was there but he wasn't quite ready.
After I got back from NB I went to a concert, Broken Bells and opening for them was The Morning Benders. I bought my first band t-shirt!! It was funny, after buying the t-shirt my friend and I wanted to pick something out for our other friend who couldn't make it, so we chose a Morning Benders tote bag. The guy selling it was like "Oh my god, are you serious!!!! You're really going to buy that? You'll be the first ever!!!!!" and I was like "whatever, it's not for me. I would never buy that." Later when The Morning Benders came on stage, there was that guy who sold me the tote bag on bass guitar. I'm such an idiot. Over all the concert was pretty cool, we were right in the front pushed up against the stage.

The Morning Benders (below)

Cineplex has started a soccer league within the different theaters and I am kind of organizing our locations team. It's been so much work and we haven't even started playing yet. First of all I had to try convince 23 people to join the team, come up with $700, find uniforms, find a place to practice, organize practices, organize meetings, organize rides to Mississauga (where the games are), convince our players to be referees too, and be on the committee that meets way out in the middle of no where. I don't think I will look for a third job now. On top of all this soccer stuff, I am still on the Woman's league.

You should see my thumb now. It's looking pretty gross, too gross to put a picture up. Basically the whole nail is turning black, not just the bottom and it's trying to push it's self out so there's a big gap in between the nail and the cuticle.

All my fish have died now. Oh well, they lived longer than expected. I might get some more one of these days. That's all that's new with me. Your turn.

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