Sunday, January 25, 2009

Here you are, a post!

This weeks "Good" and "Bad"

The Bad
- I broke our shower head, replaced it and it sucks.
- My computer has a virus... pop-ups every 30 seconds. I got a temporary anti virus program but it's a little too late now.
- It was my birthday and I feel old and useless.

- On my birthday Josh and I were going to go to the Art Gallery of Ontario but it was closed.
- I want to see Benjamin Button but it's so friggin long and always sold out when I have time to see it.
- I have too many bills, why do they all have to come at once?
- I have to get gum surgery but it's $1300. My dental will probably cover most of that but that's a lot I have to give up front.
- I spilled my ice tea in my new purse because the lid wasn't on properly.
- I hit Josh in the back of the head with a big chunk of ice. I don't know why I did it but I feel horrible about it.

The Good
- This man I know, who has nothing, no money, no family, nothing, bought me a lotto ticket for my birthday.
- With the whole shower issue I've gotten to know my room mates a little better.
- I've lost that extra Christmas weight without trying too hard.
- Josh's dad had a birthday right after mine and after he blew out the candles on the cake they re-lit them so I could blow them out too.
- I'm getting better finally, just a tad bit of coughing.
- I know a huge amazing secret about someone and they thought I was trustworthy enough to know the secret. I'll keep it a secret forever if I have to.

I know these are a bit late but here they are, pics from Terrace during the holidays!!! I'll probably post the same ones on facebook soon.

Friday, January 09, 2009

I Want Soup

I got back to Toronto. My flight was delayed as expected and I spent New Years in an airplane. It kind of sucked but what made it a little better was when I looked out the window of the plane at midnight I saw fire works exploding all over the city we were flying over. It was perfect timing. On to more happier news, I have strep throat and an ear infection!!!!! My boss made me leave work yesterday to go to the Doctor. I haven't been to the Doctor in like 5 years and it was just to get a bandage changed. I decided not to go to work today. I feel as helpless as a loaf of bread.

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