Thursday, June 11, 2009

Part 3

We went to Much Music! Nelly Furtado
Bradly Cooper
Sarah... MM VJ

Hahahaha there was this creep staring in the window the entire time.
Another creep at Casa Loma.
Casa Loma

Ryan looking at the sun dial, it was actually correct.

Casa Loma
Leah at wonderland. I didn't take to many pictures there.
Josh and Ryan.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Poor Josh

I started outdoor soccer today. My team isn't so good, in fact we're horrible. The good thing is that they're all very forceful on having practices and getting in shape. I must have lost 5 pounds at our game today.

Anyways, most of you already know that Josh got in a bike accident. He was biking to work and got doored. He shattered his two from teeth and had to get stitches on his lip and chin. He has a massive bruise on his arm and some cuts. He's okay, it's healing quick except for the no teeth thing.

It's official, Josh and I are coming to Terrace at the end of July. We're actually flying to Edmonton, meeting my parents there and then driving to PG for a day or two and then Terrace by the 27th. Any suggestions on places I should take Josh? We already did PR, Kleanza, the lake, etc. etc. He hasn't seen the Lava beds yet.

New post below too!

The City & The Island

Of course...

Most houses in down town Toronto look like this.
A church. They're on every corner like Starbucks.

Queen Street Of course...His new profile picture
Movie night at Josh's place On the ferry to Toronto Island!!!! Agreed to be the best part of Ryan and Leah's visit.The ferry has the best view of the city.
They were all over the place.

We rented bikes!!!!!
Part of Toronto Island has little houses where people live in. We took a ride through the streets. Ask Leah to see some pictures, she took about hundred, lol.

A bird pooed on Ryan's arm and some how it splattered onto my arm too, lol. Leah didn't care, she kept riding.The girls chose the bikes with the baskets, Ryan chose the bike with the bell.

The board walk and Lake OntarioThis was just a few of the Canadian Geese we saw flying over the water. There must have been at least a thousand.Leah and I got a painful sunburn that day but it was worth it.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009




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