Saturday, August 23, 2008

American Express

Remember my tooth that hurt me so much? Today the Dentist grinded it down and cleaned the decay from in the roots. He cant do a root canal because it's a very difficult tooth and I'll have to go to a Specialist. Anyways I'm very happy with the Dentist I found. They're very friendly there, all the staff remembers my name and they give me lots of freezing :) My Dental insurance covered everything but I'm pretty sure it will only cover 50% when I go to the Specialist. My Dentist told me it would be around $2200!!!!! I just signed up for another credit card, just so I could pay for that. Seriously if anyone has had bad luck this year it's been me! In fact my bad luck struck again this week, my phone wont receive any text messages or voicemail. So I have to take it in tomorrow and find out why the heck it's doing that.
I went to the CNE today with Josh. I went Last year with Michael, you might remember the pictures I posted. It's like a carnival with rides, different vendors, performers, shows and concerts. It's kind of like the Calgary Stampede. Anyways, that was fun but I had to pretty much drag Josh there. He just got a new I Phone that he's obsessed with. It's pretty cool, it has GPS. Josh and I are kind of back together if you haven't already guessed. He doesn't read my blog anymore so I can talk about him like this. He doesn't read it because he wants to hear it from me instead of reading it, makes sense.

Monday, August 18, 2008


I just saw Sisterhood of the Travelling pants 2, it was really good. It was equally as good as the first in my opinion. I've been digging at this little rock lately. When I was in Drumheller with Ryan and Leah I bought this little rock with a chisel and a brush and inside are "bones". I don't know what I'll do with the bones after, maybe make a necklace, kidding. I'm just rambling about nothing, thought you guys needed an update. Question... If you go two insults on an piece of clothing you wore but also two complements, would you keep wearing it? OK, now here are some more pictures from my vacation.

Prince Rupert with TR and AK!!!!!
Gas prices were CRAZY!Amanda finally found true love
Tamara and her awesome camera!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Hairy Persian Man

I'm so disgusted with my new room mate, he sheds so much. I can hear him in my bathroom at this very minute tooting away. I've become a little more persistent in my new house search. Anyways, I've been working practically every day, both jobs since I got back. I have to make up for those holidays. The weather here sucks, it seems no matter where I am this summer it just rains all the time. Whatever, I'm going to slowly post my holiday pictures, I have a lot.
Valene , Christina, Tamara, Amanda, Leah and Me
We enjoyed a nice bubble bath but we could only fit four of us and two pairs of legs.
(Above) We hung out at the park where all the drunks go. Ohhh Christina AmandaaaaMe
Me again. I left the group for a while to talk on the phone long distance, Amanda wasn't too pleased. Tamaraaaa Valene, I wish I knew the correct spelling of your name.Us

Sunday, August 03, 2008


My holidays are pretty much over now, I'm back in Toronto. I have a new room mate but haven't seen them yet. The bathroom is disgusting!!! The shower curtain is ripped, there's huge puddles of water all over the floor, and it looks like someone shaved a black poodle in there. The toilet and sink are so disgusting too. Today I bought rubber gloves and tomorrow I will attempt to clean it. Besides that nothing else has changed around here. I had a really good holiday. Even though the weather wasn't the great, I had fun seeing everybody. I hope I can go back for Christmas, most likely.

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