Monday, October 12, 2009


Hello boys and girls.

This Thanksgiving was actually very nice. I worked Friday and Saturday night. Sunday morning Josh and I went to Orangville and had Thanksgiving dinner with his mom, sister, brother, and his sisters boyfriend. Later that night we went to a neighbouring town called Erin and went to their fall fair. We basically just went to watch the demolition derby. I love watching those things. It's better than racing that's for sure. We saw a few snow flakes that night, my first sighting of the year. Later that night we had pie and then his mom drove us back to Toronto. Its about an hours drive if the traffic is good. The next day I went to his dads place and had Thanksgiving dinner with their family. Vegetarian dinner of course. And here I am now at home, trying to study a little for tomorrows Excel class.

It`s been bugging me, I forgot to put something in my last post. Josh and I were in the Eaton Center and we were going by an escalator near Sears. On the escalator we saw Michael Buble coming down. I was like "Hey, there's Michael Buble" and Josh was like "Your right, it is... his eyes are close together". And that was it.

Tamara, I think you need to start blogging again. When I finally got my computer and the Internet was up and working the first thing I did was open your blog to catch up on everything I had missed. Boy was I ever disappointed.

I"m planning a movie review post soon.

Hi Kevin C from Africa!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009


Sorry guys, it's been a long time. My computer crashed a month ago and it wasn't worth getting fixed. So I finally got a new one but ran into so many problems. I don't want to go into it but I have a brand new perfectly working, virus free computer!!! The last few weeks I've been so busy. The course on Excel that I'm taking is very good. It's very informative and my teacher has a way of teaching so no one gets bored. I only have two classes left, one of them being the final exam.

I was just in the shower thinking of everything I wanted to blog about and now that I'm sitting here I cant remember any of it. Hmmm. Point form seems to help...
- I couldn't sign up for indoor soccer this year. They raised the price and I couldn't afford it. I'm pretty dissapointed.

- I'm now a God Mother!!!! Amanda had Trey Kennedy almost a month ago. Still waiting to meet him.

- A tall red head in her 30's walked into my room today. She walked into the wrong room. Not sure what room she was looking for or who she was. I usually lock my door all the time but not this time.

- I tried on 20 winter jackets the other day, no luck.

- My new computer is a Gateway, I thought I would never buy anything except an HP but this Gateway is pretty cool.

- My new favorite snack is the Pringles Select Buffalo Wing Style. Yummmm.

- There is a 90% chance I will be going to Terrace for Christmas.

- I've lost 12 pounds since I left Terrace in August.

- I'm going to say a "Hello" to someone at the end of every blog entry.

Hi Grandma Wiebe!

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