Friday, February 29, 2008

Poor Voytech

The last few days at work have really sucked. At the club I have to wash all the glasses from the day before then I have to set up all the bars for lunch. It's been so busy lately with huge events that require like 6 wine glasses per person, and 160 people. Imagine all the glasses I had to wash. Not only do I have to wash them I have to but them back in their boxes (one box holds six wine glasses) and then I have to load them up and take them down the freight elevator to the basement storage. I've missed my lunch break three days in a row. Yesterday I came so close to crying. I was in the kitchen where I work for breakfast and Voytech, this Polish handyman that works at the club was in the middle of the kitchen on a ladder fixing some pipes in the ceiling. All of the sudden water and steam started pouring out of the pipes all over the floor and onto Voytech. Voytech was screaming in pain and was holding his eyes. He yelled at me to go get someone. The water was obviously very hot and I could smell strong chemicals. The closest person I ran into was Laurie, aka: b*** or manager with a huge attitude. She ran down with me and then everybody else who was near by ran down and they helped him down. After Laurie left and the situation calmed down, Armalito a Filipino guy that deals with stock came right into my face and started yelling at me because I went to get Laurie for help. He wouldn't stop, I tyred walking away but he kept getting right in my face. Renata, my Polish supervisor had to pull him away. I don't know what his problem was, I did what any normal person would do, I got help as soon as I could. Whatever, Voytech's ok.

I could go for days talking about all the drama that goes on at the Club. Here's the drama story of the day. There's this new girl who is really bossy and it's weird when a new person is bossing around someone who has worked there for 20 years. Anyway everyone finds it really hard to get along with her except me, some of the guys, and Ricky (my boss). The reason she's still there is because Ricky really likes her. So all the ladies who work at the club have been kind of mean to her so she told me she's going to start walking around naked in the change room. I missed it because it was break time and of course I was working, so the change room was packed and she just casually took off her clothes and sat at the table naked with all the ladies. I guess most of them left after that but one of the cleaning ladies gave her Lysol and asked her to clean the seat she was sitting on. It's kind of funny but once again I'm in the middle, friends with people on both sides.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Matt G.

Guess who just bought tickets to see Matthew Good!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 22, 2008


Why 2008 sucks so far

- I've had a total of 5 days off
- I'm tired all the time
- I'm gaining weight from all the free desserts I get at work
- My back problems are back
- Christmas presents got lost in the mail
- I've had a cold for pretty much all of January and February
- I've totally lost contact with the film world
- I haven't seen any of my friends, except Kevin once or twice
- I lost my passport forms and need them desperately
- I discovered one of my room mates is not "normal"
- The weather, it's always so cold.
- I never get a seat on the subway when I really need it
- My brand new I-pod was stolen/lost the other day
- Buying white dress shirts, nylons, and black shoes for work seems like a never ending task
- My camera sucks big time
- Going to work everyday (the NC) is like going to high school with all the gossip and drama
- My landlord always takes my clothes out of the dryer when they're in the processing of drying and puts hers in
- I don't get to fully read every one's blogs, I just have time to skim through (sorry)
- Pretty much every product I use is being discontinued

Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of good things that have happened in 2008, its just there seems to be more bad things.

It's been six months since I've last visited Terrace. I must admit I miss the place a lot but there's nothing there for me. Moving back would be a big waste of $ 15,000. I miss Saskatchewan too. It's been like almost three years since I've been there. I've also been seriously thinking about going to Newfoundland. Plane tickets are on sale right now. If any one's interested in a road trip this year, Toronto to Terrace or the other way around. We'll have to make pit stops in Winnipeg, Duck Lake, Calgary, and Prince George.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Disables the City

It's been a while since I updated, I've just been working a lot. Valentines day I worked until 2 in the morning. I usually watch Titanic, that's my tradition but who has time for tradition these days. Josh and I went out for dinner today instead. We went to the same resturant we went to on our first date. The bill was like $115. Monday is Family Day in Ontario. It's a new holiday. That means I don't have to work at the club!!!!! I'll probably sleep most of the day. I heard we're supposed to get 20 cm Sunday night. We've been getting a lot of snow lately. I love the snow. I love how it disables the city. Did you hear Polaroid is no longer making the polaroid cameras. I was kinda sad when I heard that. Those things are classic.
I hate this!!!!!!!! Why can't I post pictures anymore? Why can't I use Spell Check? Blog Spot... smarten up!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Third Watch

You wouldn't believe how happy I was when I walked into HMV and saw Third Watch season one on DVD. Third Watch is my favorite show of all time and I've been waiting for years for it to come on DVD. There is still good left in the world.


her roommates are crazy or at least one of them. his name is shaun. he scares me. he says he wants to kill everyone and burn down the house. he complains about the noise yet he plays the same song full blast over and over again. he complains about people staying over night yet has a son that stays over on a regular basis.

tonight i guess the shit hit the fan and shaun flipped out about something and now he has been on a roll for about two hours. they have been outside stephs room fighting for that whole time. the landlord has become involved and it seems that things are going to change drastically around here.

i wish the landlord would just kick this shaun guy out. when someone loses it that much that they start to make death threats that person should not be allowed to be around the people they have threatened.

steph should move out by herself or find a place where she shares with just females cause they don't seem to fight as much or threaten to kill each other.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The Hour

So we went to "The Hour" yesterday. As we were waiting in line Rick Mercer walked by and Josh in a Rick obsessed, sarcastic voice was like "Oh my god it's Rick Mercer"and Rick looked at him and did a "yahhhh" but with out any sound coming from his mouth, just the gesture. Rick is such a shrimp, I think he's shorter than me. Anyway, once inside George came out and talked with all of us until Dallas Green came out for his interview. George was really cool, really nice. I don't even remember Dallas because his interview was only like 3 minutes. I do remember Dallas's huge entourage of girls that followed him when he entered the studio. The entourage included his girlfriend Leah Miller. During the commercial breaks, George would answer audience's questions and there was this one guy who was a George stalker from the UK and he wouldn't shut up. Poor George. He even asked him out for coffee. So after the whole experience Josh and I confirmed our hatred for the whole fan/celebrity obsession.

My room mate has put me in a negative mood because he's blasting his music. So that's why I'm writing this list of things I hate.

- I hate my room mates hip hop music

- I hate all the drama/gossip at work

- I hate when people ask me why I'm not in school

- I hate walking to the subway

- I hate not having a car

- I hate that a Mac computer is so expensive

- I hate filling out passport forms

- I hate the smell of olives

- I hate when I have to buy toliet paper

- I hate french fries that are not fully cooked

- I hate foot cramps

- I hate it when my alarm goes off

-I hate Britney Spears

- I hate the music of Fiest

- I hate men who push you out of the way so they can get a seat first on the subway.

to be continued....

Sunday, February 03, 2008


Actually his birthday isn't until tomorrow but I won't be home tomorrow so I thought I'd do the post tonight. So today we went to Burger Shack. It sounds like a dirty place but they have the best home made burgers in Toronto. Then we went and saw "Juno", Kevin hadn't seen it yet. After we had cake and ice cream and then went to Eglinton Park (our hangout) and took some pictures.

Rape central.

Me entering rape central.

I was listening to them play hockey inside.Kevin with a Sharpie marker.... what will he do with it?Tag the door of course.Snow man with dog pee all over it.


Question... Does anyone know how to post more than one You Tube video on one post? I can only put them in seperatly and it's driving me mad. And why doesn't spell check not work any more? Now everyone's going to find out how terrible I am at spelling.
They let me go home early from work today, 3 hours early :) So I'm doing laundry finally and watching Full House. "Across the Universe" comes out on Tuesday!!!! It's definitely on my top ten list. Also coming out this week is "The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford". I havn't seen it yet but I'm going to buy it just because my Auntie Krista is an extra in it. In the next coming weeks I'm going to be spending a little too much money on DVD's. Feb 12 "We Own the Night" and "Into the Wild" comes out.
So Josh made this deal with me that I won't eat McDonalds anymore if he doesn't drink any caffeine. The guy's a coffee addict. For me it's not that hard because I'm usually too busy anyway but he works at a coffee shop. I think it's been like 5 days now, I'm impressed. He also is growing out his beard. Ha. I like it but I don't think his boss does. Yep. Tomorrow is hang out with Kevin day, so expect pictures to be posted soon.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

money made, money spent

In the past 5 days I've worked almost 60 hours. You don't even know how happy I am that it's the weekend. Today inbetween jobs I travelled 45 minutes to get home just so I could sleep for 20 minutes. How did this happen to me? Anyways, here's a list of things I recently purchased....

"Extras" seasons one, two, and the Christmas special. $49I pod Nano, 8 GB, black. $169

"Full House" season 8. The last season :( $29

"Heroes" season one $49

On Monday it is Kevin from Africa's birthday so we're going to hang out on Sunday. Sunday Sunday. Five five five. We're going to stay away from frozen ponds. On Monday (I'm so excited) Josh and I are going to be audience members on "The Hour" with George Strombolombolopooolusssss. His Guest is Dallas Green from City and Colour/ Alexisonfire. Can't wait!!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 01, 2008



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