Sunday, September 30, 2007

Work, Sleep

My life right now is work, sleep, work, sleep, work, sleep. I managed to escape for a little bit today and hung out with Kevin again. We went back to Harbour Front and continued on the path where we left off. The path is so long, it's probably the same distance as Terrace to Kitimat. I don't even know why I'm updating my blog, I don't really have much to say and I have to clean my entire house and it's already past midnight. I have to clean my house because it's a disaster and there's someone coming to see the place tomorrow morning. Sighhhh.

Friday, September 28, 2007

More Hours, More Money

I got two little job promotions. At the theater they are going to train me as a threader (threading the film through the projector), apparently it is very complicated and if you screw up everyone watching the movie gets angry and we lose money. Soooo it makes me a little nervous. At the National Club, before my boss would call me every Friday morning and give me random shifts for next week. Now he moved me down to the Simcoe Lounge where I have to take their orders and I now work permanently everyday 7-11 a.m. and then my boss said he'll send me back upstairs if there's anything else going on for lunches. So now I work 5 days a week at the theater and 5 days a week at the Club. The only thing bad about this is I now officially don't have a life.

Monday, September 24, 2007

A Day With KC

So a few days ago Kevin and I finally got together to hang out. He left for Africa sometime in July and he got back a little while ago. We planned nothing for the day but we ended up in some pretty cool places. Kevin took all these pictures, so I'm basically posting all of them so he can copy and paste them. Be prepared for lots of pictures!
So first we went to Burger King, had some food. Then went to the dollar store to see if we could find a cheap Frisbee. Nope. So we went to Eglinton Park and walked around a little bit. Nothing was going on there so we got on the subway and headed to Nathan Phillip Square, that's when we entered this cool festival. There we're dancers and rappers preforming, break dancers, painters, Graffiti artists, DJ's and some other stuff. Lot's of cool black people.

Kevin's lov'n the graffiti. After that we walked around the city for a while and ended up in a movie set. Ha, we just walked right on the set and started taking pictures. It was this weird Christmas movie with tuns of people in weird costumes.This 60 year old elf made me laugh.
Then we went to Harbour Front, such a beautiful place.

Happy Birthday Mom

Your the only one who looks normal in this picture, lol. Happy Bday.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Mr. Green

So Today at work I sold tickets to Leah Miller (The Much Music VJ) who was with her boyfriend Dallas Green (from Alexis on Fire). They were very friendly and Dallas winked at me! I got Leah's autograph but she was just signing the credit card receipt, lol. What else? Today was very productive. I did laundry, dishes, finished off my resume, talked a bit with my mom, watched High School Musical and then off to work. I watched High School Musical because I wanted to find out what the big deal was. It was pretty good, I would have loved it more if I was a 13 year old girl. I'd watch it again. I'm fearing moving day more and more as the days pass by. Who will I live with, where will I be, how will I get everything there, will I end up on the streets. hmmm. Tamara, what's up? How's your job going? Christina, do you still read this?

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Ruth


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

It Made me Proud to be Part Scottish

What's new with me....

*Tuesday nights have become my box stealing nights. Recycling day is Wednesday morning so I walk around the neighbourhood the night before and take peoples boxes that they leave out. I need them for moving.

* I have moldy cheese in my fridge, moldy bread in my cupboard, and Tamara thinks I have mold in the furnace room, which explains why I'm always sick.

* I finally watched Brave Heart for the first time. It came out in 1995!

* I worked approx. 55 hours this week (including the weekend).

*I went to the groceries store to buy coleslaw and toilet paper but when I went to grab the coleslaw a man started lecturing me why I shouldn't buy Dole products, so I put it back. There was an article in the paper about it or something.

* My video camera doesn't work anymore. It won't switch to video mode :( That means you won't be seeing any of my movies anytime soon.

* My I-Pod is crap now. After I fully charge it, it will only last for like a half an hour before it's dead again :(

* Still broke

*No luck yet on finding a new home.

*I'm looking forward to Friday because two movies I really want to see are coming out, "The Assassination of Jessie James" and "Into the Wild". My Auntie Krista was an extra in the Jesse James movie so I want to see if she made the cut and in "Into the Wild" there are two of my favorite actors, Emile Hirsch and Jenna Malone. Yes!!!!!!

* I've started my annual fall/winter hot chocolate addiction.

* I'm listening to Alive by Pearl Jam on repeat.

Saturday, September 15, 2007



Friday, September 14, 2007

Happy Birthday Leah

Happy Birthday Leah !!!!!!!

And Happy Birthday to Joni too !!!!!!

Thursday, September 13, 2007


On Sept 11th Tamara and I went to the Rogers Center to watch The Jays and the Yankees. I'm not a baseball fan but I must admit I enjoyed myself and I like baseball a tad more now. The Barenaked Ladies sang the national anthems and there was a huge ceremony with bag pipe players, firefighters and some other official dudes. That same day we went to the Hockey Hall of Fame, blaaa. I touched the Stanley cup!!!! Tamara had a good time, she took 1000 pictures of almost every exhibit, mostly for her dad. We also hit the CN tower that day since our plans were changed when we ended up at Canadian Idol. We wondered for like a second about being at all these places on September 11th. But it was only for a second then we were like, yeah whatever. Back to the baseball game. Our seats were so good. We were 5 rows up, right in front of first base. I brought my video camera so I'll post some footage later on. Yesterday we went to the zoo, it was pretty fun but we were both pretty exhausted. Tamara got a weird blister on the top of her big toe. Later that night we did some laundry at the laundry mat. Today Tamara left to visit her relatives, she's spending the night and then coming back tomorrow night. Tomorrow night is our last night, we'll probably just go see a movie or something. Anyways check out Tamara's blog for pictures in the next few days. Here's a few pics, I didn't take too many.
This is at Wonderland. Tamara's chatting to her sis about maternity pants.
Casa Loma
The Zoooooooo

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