Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Summer Vacaaa Pt. 3

Josh and I went to Prince Rupert to cool down. While we were visiting Terrace the average temperature was like 38 degrees, PR was always 10 degrees cooler.

As you can see Josh's lens is ridiculously too big for his body.
Ridley Island. Kind of trashy but one of my favorite places.It's cool to watch the cruise ship come in. It's not cool being in Prince Rupert when it's flooded with tourists. At the River Boat Days parade. I missed half of it because I was buying slushies for everyone. I have no pictures of the actual parade.
The band shell. Why do they have to demolish it?
Christina and Leah enjoying the music.
Kevin's band playing.
Grouches beach, Christina, Josh and buddons (lol).

Me and Christina
Josh and Buddons (lol, lol).

Monday, August 24, 2009


Josh got promoted at Trek so he's quitting his other job and working there full time. Basically he will get paid salary, get more money, work less because it's only one job, he gets a free bike once a year (no matter what the cost is), he's a key holder, and he may get the opportunity to go to the Wisconsin's Trek headquarters on business. He's very happy because working at a bike shop has always something he's wanted to do since he was a kid and now he gets to work there full time.
I have had a lot of spare time on my hands lately, as you can tell by these updated posts. I wrote a huge list of things I have to do this week and I'm very determined to do all of them. I have to write a letter to BC Medical to prove that I am now in Ontario, join an indoor soccer league, clean my room top to bottom, finish my resume and write a list of places I'm going to apply, pay all my bills, figure out how to use Josh's family's video camera then edit a family video for them, study french everyday, exercise everyday, paint my toe nails, and watch a chick flick.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Summer Vacaaa Pt. 2

This was during a fabulous night at Kalum Lake.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

I Hate Sundays

I hate Sundays. I always get that horrible feeling that tomorrow is Monday no matter how much fun I'm having. My soccer team had to forfeit our game today because only four people showed up. It made me so angry because it was our last game before the playoffs, I haven't played in three weeks and it takes a lot of effort for me to get there. I don't think I'm joining indoor soccer this year. They raised the price $100 more than last year and they moved the games to Saturday night! I'm in search for another league.
News... I will be taking a course on Excel at George Brown this September!! Basically I've been looking at job postings and everything I want to apply for says knowledge of Excel is a must. I'm actually really excited. I miss school and this isn't much but it's a start. I actually miss school so much that I have been studying French for the last month. I read and do French exercises for approx. an hour a day. I'm lame.
I'm on a diet right now. I've been eating mostly vegetables, salads, yogurt, fruit, the occasional meat (whatever they serve us at work) and sugar free candy. It's so hard not to eat carbs, they're everywhere!!!! As for exercising, I haven't been that motivated. Diets suck but I'm sick of having a belly full of jelly.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Summer Vacaaa Pt. 1

Here are the first set of pictures from my summer vacation!!! First off Josh and I flew into Edmonton where we met my parents and then drove to Prince George. I got to see three of my cousins who I haven't seen in two years; Craig, Tyler, and Rebbecca. That's more than half of them, lol. And I got to visit with the grandparents. After a few days there we drove to Terrace!!!

It's become a kind of tradition. The first main activity Josh and I do when we get to Terrace is take a drive up Shames Mountain.

Also a tradition, I let him drive down the mountain... never again! I got to see Amanda's belly! And some cool people!

It was soooooo hot everyday so we spent a lot of time at the lake.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Back :(

I made it home from my little vacation. The plane was about 30 min. late and my TV didn't work again!!!!! It sucks when you have nothing to read, nothing to watch, and you just have to sit there for 5 hours. Josh was sweet enough to let me watch whatever I wanted on his TV but I didn't want to put him through that torture. There has been thunder storms here all day. I've never seen so much lightning. It's kind of depressing coming back to this weather and knowing I have to go back to both jobs tomorrow. Noooooo! Overall I had a great trip and I know Josh did too. Pictures to come.

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