Friday, March 30, 2007

She's Done It!

Tamara has done it! She has blogged for seven days in a row, so now I guess I must hold my part of the deal and post some pictures. Be patient, the pictures will come... I will do it when I have some spare time. I've just been working so much latley and I'm never home, but I promise they will appear shortly.

If you havn't watched that Youtube video I posted below I highly recommend you do. Just watch the little girl air, it's so funny.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Iron Maiden The Trooper By Gauchos

These kids are pretty amazing, the little girl is hilarious!

Monday, March 26, 2007


I've been slacking a bit in the blog updates lately. The truth is... I've become addicted to Roller Coaster Tycoon again. I don't know, why it's not like it's that fun, there's just this one mission I can't complete and I NEED TO COMPLETE IT!!! This week I work every single day and I got two shifts at the National Club. Money money money. Oh yesterday at work a thirty three year old man with hair down to his waist and a beard down to his chest wrote me a poem. Lol. Don't be worried for me, the managers at work know about him and said they would kick him out next time. I see him on the subway sometimes, he's a little creepy. He looks a bit like Charles Manson. Hmmmm, I'm really fighting right now not to be playing that stupid game.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Shift #2

I finally got shift number two at The National Club, I was beginning to wonder if I still worked there. Tonight was another huge banquet . At the beginning I had to be one of those persons who walks around the mingling people with a tray of ordure's and weird creations that no one can tell are. Crap, and everyone kept asking me what things were, I had no idea. I also served wine for the first time, I think I got the technique down. My table went through 6 bottles!!!!! Is that a lot for 9 people? The best part was at the end when we got to eat the left over dessert, chocolate layer torte. The job takes a lot of energy out of me, I'm always running around and lifting heavy trays. I think the amount of exercise I get will eliminate the amount of food I eat there.

So other than working I've been sleeping in a little too much, playing Roller Coaster Tycoon a little too much, and helping out Andrew on his final documentary project. I'm his editor/assistant director. We're going to be holding auditions in the next week or so. It's a Mockumentary called "Jack the Sitter". It's about a babysitter who kills his competition. Ohhhhhh my head is hurting!!! Better leave it there.

Monday, March 19, 2007

This Wasn't Planned

Last time I posted was on Thursday!!!!! I really have nothing to say except that I'm still alive. Here are some random facts about my life in Toronto.
- I have my old landlords air mattress and I'm scared to go and give it back to her. I don't know why.
- I lift the phone book to exercises my arms. To show you how big it is I placed it beside this lovely green apple.
- I drink out of McDonald's Batman collector mugs.
- A little touch of Terrace.
- I have a big purple flash light in my closet and I hope one day I can use it (secretly I want it to be during a natural disaster of some kind).

- It costs $21 to take a taxi from my house to work.
- I love going on the subway, except during rush hour. During rush hour your packed in there like a sardine.

- I get on at the Runnymede station (West side), The school and the theater are at Eglinton Station, my new job at the National Club is at King Station, The Eaton Center is at Queen Station and Dundas Station (that's how big it is!), Yuk Yuks is at Osgoode Station, Much Music is in between Osgoode and Queen Station, and the CN tower is at Union Station.

- My secret getaway spot where no one can find me is at the Yorkdale theater.
- The malls I go to.
The Yorkdale Mall is for the high class snobby people
The Dufferin Mall is the ghetto mall
the Eaton Center is good for the whole family

and the Yonge and Eglinton Center is like my home (it's the mall where the theater I work at is located).
- I have a scary room in my house where I never go, it's where the spiders are located.

- One day I will.... Go to a big concert, be an audience member on Much on Demand, go to Wonderland, go to that big Museum (can't remember the name), go to a wave pool, swim in Lake Ontario, Go watch the Toronto Symphony Orchestra (Dad!!!!!!), watch Andrew on stage at Yuk Yuks, watch one of those big street parades that they air on TV, watch a movie on IMAX, ummmm I'm sure there's more but that's all I can think of at the moment.
P.S. Kevin, how's your leg?

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Sponge Bob

Catie sent me a forward and I thought I'd post it! You just answer some questions to see what kind of car you are. I'm the Mazda RX8.

The last three nights I've been having a Christopher Guest movie marathon at Andrew's. He made the movies; Spinal Tap, Best in Show, A Mighty Wind, For Your Consideration, and Waiting for Guffman. Many people told me never to watch those movies because they sucked but I really enjoyed them. They're mockumentaries and he uses the same actors in every film. Total change in subject, This morning I set my alarm for 7:30 a.m. so I could take out the garbage and then go back to sleep. I was wearing my Sponge Bob Square Pants pajamas, no bra, dark makeup smeared under my eyes and still half asleep. I really thought no one would see me but I was so tired I accidentally locked myself out. Moron!!!!! So I had to go knock on my landlords door and ask for the key. The kids were like "Sponge Bob!!!". What a wonderful morning. Then I had a crazy dream when I went back to sleep. I dreamed that I was at the library park in Terrace and there were three midgets (I guess they prefer little people), on stage preforming as a rock band, in fact they were the characters from Spinal Tap but little people. Anyway, beside the stage was an outdoor Tim Horton's. I was standing in line and asked for the chili deal. It just so happened KB was working there and she told me there was no chili left and refused to give me back my money. Then Tamara and Lauren came out of nowhere and started throwing donuts at her. It felt very realistic when I woke up. I guess there is some truth to that dream. Anyway, do that car thing and tell me what kind of car you are.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

They'll Attack Me

Today was a sad day. I went to check my brother's blog and it was gone :( He warned me before that he was planning to get rid of it but I didn't expect the day to come so soon. Since he doesn't talk to me anymore you guys will have to fill me in on his life, yes... you are all my spy's.
I was thinking a bit on the subway today, nothing important, just about useless stuff. For instants, what happened to all the ants that I vacuumed up? Did they die? Are they frantically trying to find their way out? Are they creating tunnels and rebuilding their colony? What will await me when I have to empty the thing? Will their population and size triple and they attack me when I look inside. I fear that day.
Tomorrow (actually today) I'm starting my bridesmaid diet. I know I said I would start a few months ago but now I'm really serious. No more eating out!!!!!! I'm so bad at this. I meet people at Tim Horton's all the time, this will be a big challenge to say no and just watch them eat their chocolate danish. I guess now I have to start being creative and finding things to eat that are quick, easy, cheap, and healthy.
It's so warm here, it's like spring bordering summer. It's great, I don't have to wear my hideous jacket anymore. But I've heard that it will get cold once again. I like winter, I just hate when the weather keeps changing and you don't know what the heck the season is. Yep. Running out of things to say. Chow.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Random Bits of Nothing

I'm a little bored at the moment and I have nothing really to blog about so I'm making a pointless list.

Ants killed: 5
Minutes spent on subway: 60
Sudoku puzzles completed: 2
Coke consumed: 2 cans
Purchases: Snickers bar, Raspberry Auquafina, BK cheeseburger and fries, Mr. Sub grilled chicken sandwich with tomato soup and a coke.
Disappointments: 7 (sent home early from work, grocery store was closed, time change, subway construction, only 3 minutes of hot water, I'm fat, deflated air mattress).
Laughed out loud: 1 that I can remember (reading Sarah's blog)
Spider sitings: 3 (all in my bathroom)
Plans made for tomorrow: 3 (grocery shopping, meeting Anita to see the "Namesake", hanging out at Andrews)
Cross dresser sitings: 1
Text msgs. sent: 4
Slipped on ice: 8
Imagined ice cream: 4

I'm running out of ideas. I feel like I should finish this like a MasterCard commercial but nothing pricless comes to mind.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Happy Birthday Molly

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Ants in My Pants

I've discovered little ants crawling all over my place. It really sucks, they're everywhere. I've had no time to go buy ant traps so I've been killing them one by one, it feels like it's a never ending battle. Those of you who know me know I don't kill so this is a big change for me. I started on my killing rampage when I woke up one morning and found them in my bed. Ewwwwwww, I can't even think about that moment. Anyway I've discovered a way to get dozens at once, before I go to sleep I leave a small piece of food in the middle of the floor and then when I wake up there all hanging out by the piece of food and that's when I whip out my vacuum cleaner. Muuuahhhahhhahhhhaaaa!!!!

Could some one in Terrace do me a favor. I need you to tie down Tamara and Kevin to a chair and force them at gunpoint to update their blogs. That would be much appreciated, thanks a million!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

First Day

My first day at my new job went pretty well. There was this huge event with like 140 people, so they kept me pretty busy. First I had to set all the tables, which took such a long time because there was so much cutlery that has to be polished and arranged. Then I set up the bread baskets and filled the water jugs. Then the scary part began, serving the people. There was only one dish so we didn't have to take orders or anything like that. The most plates I carried at once was 3, I didn't want to take any chances. All the other girls were carrying 5 and 6, insane!!! Then I had to go around and refill everyones water. After that we cleared their plates and then served desert. After that we cleared their plates again and served coffee. After that we reset the tables for dinner. During our break they fed us some amazing food. I had this huge piece of chicken, rice, vegetables and potato's. It's great, people just eat whatever is lying around. Everyone was also really nice, I just think it's going to take me a few weeks before I get into the swing of things.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Happy Bithday Tim


Monday, March 05, 2007

Stupid Employee Handbook

It's my first official day tomorrow. I'm VERY nervous. I was reading the employee handbook and there are so many things I have to remember. I must serve the food from the right, take away their plates from the left, serve their drinks from the left, the desserts from the right, the water glass must be placed an inch above the steak knife, the white wine glass must be placed to the left of the water glass, the red wine glass beside it, and then the coffee cup. I'm not going to even mention how many forks, spoons and knives there are and where they all belong. Oh goodness me!!!

I would like to announce that Sarah has finally started her blog and there are already three posts!

3 a.m.

3 a.m., I'm still wide awake. I Just ate 6 Tim Hortons cookies and caught up on my Lonleygirl15 videos. Does anyone else watch that? I know Tim and Tamara do.

I've decided to give myself one more thing to do. There is a link on my side bar that says "My Video Pick of the Week", I'm going to try and update it every Monday with little video's I find interesting (most likely from Youtube).

Saturday, March 03, 2007


Work just called me and said I don't have to work today, I now have the entire weekend off. I'm thinking I'm going to go see a movie tonight.My goal is to go to every theater in Toronto. So far I've been to eight, I have like 10 more to go. Speaking of movies, I just saw "Freedom Writers" with Hillary Swank, that was a really good movie. I also saw the "Illusionist", that was also a pretty good movie. I watched them both on Peekvid. Anyway, I've been addicted to Sudoku puzzles lately. I am definitely improving, when I first started they were impossible for me and now I can do one in about 20 minutes. I also have made the bold step of crossing over to a pen from a pencil. When your on the subway at least half the people are doing Sudoku, it's the cool thing to do.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Happy Birthday Craig

Happy Birthday cousin Craig! I found you a girlfriend for your birthday :)

The Beautiful Trees

Can you keep up with all my blog entries lately? I guess I've had more to talk about lately. Anyway, one thing I like about Toronto is how all the streets are lined with beautiful trees. But sometimes when I'm walking home from the subway I can hear them creaking above me, can be a little scary. Yesterday there was this weird storm with rain, snow, ice, and extreme winds. When I woke up this morning I saw the aftermath. There were HUGE branches everywhere, power lines down, and not to mention many inches of water I had to walk through to get to my first day at work. My first day of work was just like a more official orientation. Two other girls were also there who just got hired. The place is amazing. There are several private rooms where we serve food. There's even a room just to drink wine. There is a billiards room, and several private rooms for members to sleep in if they want to. We even get free meals before our shifts, this is probably were I'm going to get most of my nutrition intake. I feel a little out of place there but everyone is really nice so far. I'm making cabbage rolls right now! I'm making tuns of them so I can freeze them then live off of them for a few weeks. Cabbage rolls are one of the few things I can cook.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

A Little Visitor

Today I had a little visitor. I heard a knock at my door and it was the little 4 year old boy that lives upstairs (I feel bad I can't remember his name). Anyway he said hi and just walked right in. First he opened my fridge and then just walked around and looked at everything. Then he saw my candy stash, so I gave him a candy cane. After like 5 minutes I could hear the nanny calling him so I made him go back upstairs. He's a funny kid, I wonder if this will become a regular occurrence now that he knows about the candy.

Sent to the Couch

Last night at 3 a.m. I woke up to find my air mattress completely deflated. I spent a few minutes pumping it back up and then I went back to sleep. An hour later I woke up again and it was completely deflated again. I searched the entire thing for holes but couldn't find any. So I spent the rest of the night on the couch. Now that I have job number two, I think I might get a bed in the near future.

So Pan's Labyrinth. I don't know if I like it yet. It had a really good story and the acting was good but there was WAY too much violence. Usually I can take some violence, but this movie had graphic violence every 5 minutes. Even if you think, oh they wouldn't show that... they do. I don't think I would watch it again, but the movie did make me want to brush up on my Spanish, lol.

My mom wants me to show a picture of my new shoes. I'm not going to do it! Because I have no sense of style at all, I don't know if the shoes are good or bad. All I know is I got them for $15 and they're black with a little bow on them. Anyways, I should get my day started, lots to do. Bye.

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