Sunday, July 19, 2009

Part 5

These are the last of the "Leah and Ryan's visit" pictures. They are from when we went to the zoo!!! Most of the pics are of peacocks because they were all over the place.

There's actually a funny story about this peacock that Josh is taking a picture of in the photo below. It was pouring rain so everyone was hiding under the covered area, even Mr. Peacock. After Josh took that picture he went to the washroom and while he was gone a group of half a dozen little boys and their moms joined us under the shelter. Of course they spotted Mr. Peacock and started pulling his tail! It was so mean, I wanted to slap them all. Eventually Mr. Peacock flew down which was a big mistake. All the little boys started chasing him with sticks!!!!! It was like a scene from Lord of the Flies. If you take a look at the next photo you can spot the boys at the edge. The worst part was their moms weren't doing anything, they were just laughing like crazy. I was the only one upset, Ryan and Leah were laughing too. Eventually Josh came out of the washroom and told them to stop.
Josh and his Nikon

Sunday, July 12, 2009


I have become the laziest person that ever lived. I simply haven't wanted to do anything lately. I stay in my room and watch episode after episode of "Gilmore Girls", eat nothing but Thai takeout, I skipped out on soccer twice, and turned down a few "hang out" invitations. I'm not even working that much. I hope I get my energy back in time for my vacation, 11 more days!!!!!
If you missed me on Much on Demand last time don't worry I'll be back on Tuesday. Josh's step cousins from Windsor will be in town and we're going to go with them. That's pretty much all the news I have right now because I'm so lazy.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

5 Cents

Have you heard about the strike going on in Toronto? The City of Toronto employees are on strike meaning no garbage or recycling pick up, no day cares, no ferry service, no grass being cut, etc. Toronto is starting to look pretty gross. The garbage is really starting to pile up everywhere. It's been like two weeks already. Still on the topic of Toronto, we has recently stated this new thing, all plastic bags must cost 5 cents everywhere in Toronto. No more free bags. This is good for the environment and everything but I'm still trying to get used to carrying reusable bags everywhere I go.
I'm still playing soccer even though we have never won a game and it takes me and arm and a leg to get there. They're trying to make two practices a week, which is a little too much. I'm lucky if I have two week nights off from work. So at our last game it was pouring rain. It looked like we all jumped into a pool and were playing soccer. During the game this old lady from the other team punched one of my team members in the face after they collided. My player got pretty upset and started to fight the old lady. For like 10 minutes everyone was fighting and screaming at each other. One girl kind of pushed me but I stayed out of it. I was the only white girl, lol.
Last week Josh and I were supposed to go to "Taking Back Sunday" and "Amberlin" concert but when we got there it was cancelled due to a family emergency. It was funny, when we were walking there we kept seeing people with band t shirts walking the opposite way. So instead we went home and watched some "How I Met Your Mother". Josh and I are having a contest to see who can loose the most weight before July 23rd when we leave for our trip. I'm pretty sure he's going to win because he bikes to work everyday and when ever he's not busy he's out biking. I got to step up my game.

I have finally caved in to Lululemon and bought my first sweater. Not the thick hoody, a light one. No sweater is worth $110. I don't know what came over me.

Part 4

Leah and I went and saw "Giselle" at the National Ballet. It was pretty awesome. This is the only picture I could get, no photos allowed. It was Ruth's idea to surprise Leah.We went to the Ontario Science Center. It was cool but we didn't get to spend much time there.

This device could tell you how fast you could karate chop, Leah beat us all.

I got Ryan to eat Korean food!!!
Ryan didn't want to leave Toronto until he found an outdoor chess table.
Nathan Phillip Square

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