Saturday, November 29, 2008

American Thanksgiving

So I had my first American Thanksgiving. I've been to the United States before but it was always touristy destinations, this time I went to Muskegon Michigan. Everything I've seen on movies about so called "small town Americans" is true. Thanksgiving is a huge deal, convenience is a huge deal, Black Friday is a huge deal, football is a huge deal, and their local high school football team is an even huger deal. I'm not saying I didn't like the place but I guess I had a little bit of culture shock. I actually had a really good time. I went with Josh and part of his family. Muskegon is his dad's home town so he has tuns of relatives there. Thanksgiving day we had dinner with about 30 of his relatives. There was sooo much food, and everybody was really great. The next day was the biggest shopping day of the year in the US so we participated in that. Overall it was a lot of visiting, eating and relaxing. When we left we went through Detroit, and made a pit stop in Windsor for a few hours to visit Josh's step moms family. Then back to Toronto. Tomorrow I'm back to work :(

Lake Michigan. A light house.It was so cold and windy, this was the only picture you could kind of see my face. Josh and his sister are to my left. Check out Josh's Michigan hat. This is for Tamara, it's a picture of Detroit and that big white building is where the Red Wings play. Sorry Tamara, it was too far to throw eggs at.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I'M GOING TO MICHIGAN!!!!!! That's right, Josh's dad is American so were going to go visit the fam. Not only will I be there for Thanksgiving, I'll be there for the biggest shopping day of the year!!! We leave on next week, I'm excited!!

Sunday, November 09, 2008


I've become like the rest of you... I never update anymore. I've been busy as usual. I cut back hours at the theater but for some reason it feels like I haven't slowed down yet. I'm pretty sure I'll be quiting the theater soon. I'm so unhappy there, I used to enjoy it but now it just makes me so angry and it's turning me into this mean person. Since I'm going home for Christmas I thought I should just stick around a little while longer.
I still haven't had my root canal yet, I've been waiting forever. I also have two small cavities. Thank God I have dental coverage! It seems like I've been to the dentist so much the last few months, that's what I get for neglecting.
It's become really bad, my addiction to "One Tree Hill". Whenever I have a spare hour I watch an episode. It's so good!!!!! It's weird how I just discovered it and it's already on its sixth season.
I went to the Toronto Symphony Orchestra last night. They were amazing. That's my dream job, to just play in a band for a living. They played classical favorites, like Beethoven and Vivaldi. Songs you'd recognized from movies and stuff. It gave me goose bumps.

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