Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Birthday Lauren

No Internet yet, it's killing me. If been watching Dawson's Creek, season one instead. It feels like I haven't heard from anyone in Terrace in so long. Update me, what's going on with you people? So I'm still adjusting to my new home. More people keep moving in. I now have four room mates (all guys) and no fridge space. I'm usually the last one home and the first one to leave so I never see them. Anyways, my room still is a big mess. Once I get a dresser from Ikea I'll be able to organize everything a bit better. I've been to Ikea twice now, it's so close! I love having Canadian Tire so close too. The only thing I don't have near by is a grocery store. But that doesn't matter since I don't have any fridge space. I don't really have much else to tell you guys, only that I'm disappointed in everyone from the blog world. No one updates anymore. Christy, Tamara, you guy's used to be the blog champs, what happened?

It was Lauren's 22nd Birthday on Sunday and I couldn't get to a computer so I'd just like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAUREN!!!!!! Sorry it's late.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I don't have internet yet but I should have it by next week.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

It's begun

So, It's moving day. I already went and picked up the car. It's a silver Toyota Carola. I made it back home no problem, even stopped for a muffin and a chocolate chiller. Right now it's 10 am and now I have the impossible task of last minute packing, loading the car and then driving across town to pick up Kevin. Wish me luck!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Don't Read This

Just what I need in my week of stress, credit card fraud! Once again I'm a victim of stolen credit card information and have been charged for another dating service in California. I'm about to scream at the top of my lungs, when I'm stressed I do things I regret like eat Mc Donalds day and night. Monday... that's my first shift as a threader on my own. Another stressful but mabey good thing, I have a date next week. Crazy, I know. I don't normally tell you people about that stuff but like I said I do things I regret when I'm stressed.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


This is my post where I confess everything I'm afraid of right now. First of all I have my final training shift as a threader at the theater and then after that I'm on my OWN. I'm totally not ready to be on my own, so my first shift will be the most nervous day of my life. Second, I'm moving on Saturday. I rented a car and I'm going to drive across the city with a huge load of stuff, probably two trips. I'm very nervous because the biggest city I've ever driven in was Terrace. Yep, not even Prince George. I might die this weekend. I called two moving companies and none of them spoke English so I pretended I had the wrong number. I also kinda fear that they might drive away with all my stuff. Third, I haven't met my new room mates yet so I'm a little scared of what they're going to be like. My life is about to change once again. Fourth and last is that I haven't really started packing because I've been working every second. I guess I could be packing now. After this is all over, I'm going to take a few days off and just watch TV in my Pajamas all day and eat chocolate cake. Speaking of chocolate cake, I've lost 10 pounds since I got back from Terrace this summer. I didn't even try I just worked everyday. 10 more and I'll be a happy girl.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

This One's For You Bonnie


The Golden Shovel

Ok, so today was a very full and busy day. First of all I worked at the club from 7-2 p.m. and guess who I saw??? The Donald!!!!! I came within inches of him many times. They are building the Trump Tower literally right next door to the club so he came for the "ground breaking" ceremony with his golden shovel. Before the ceremony everyone came to the club and ate lunch from the buffet. My job was to clear tables and ask people mingling around what they wanted to drink. When Donald Trump arrived he just mingled with everyone else. He made sure he said hello to everyone in the room, took a few pictures and then he was out of there. He is soooo tall. That's the first thing I noticed, surprisingly it wasn't his hair. His hairs ok... until you see the back and you see he has a little blond swushy tail, lol. He seemed like a very nice guy. At the buffet the chef's made this huge cake in the shape of the future Trump Building. The best part was when everyone left the staff got to hit the buffet!!!!!
After that I took a walk down Sheppard Ave. It's in the neighbourhood of my new home so I wanted to just check out the stores, see what's near me. After that I sat at Starbucks and did a sudoku puzzle to kill time before work at the theater. Then when I started at the theater, everything was going wrong; I had no elastics, it was pretty much only me in box office, it was the busiest night I've seen since May, my walkie didn't work, the phone quit, I had a thousand kids who wanted refunds, they forgot to let me go on my break, and then I had to stay extra late because there was a fight in one of the theaters and the managers couldn't count my till with me. Ughghghhhh, then when I got on the subway to go home the power went out so we were stuck for like a half an hour. They said it was because there was someone walking around on the tracks at the next station. I'm not sure why the power went off because of that. It was funny, almost everyone in the subway car joined together and sang Koombaya. Anyway, this is like a venting post, so I'll stop.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Donald Trump

Getting up mon- fri at 5:00 a.m. is getting a little difficult. I shouldn't complain though, my pay cheques have been looking a lot nicer. Moving day is almost one week away! I disassembled my big shelf and left it out for the garbage truck. It's too big to put in my new room and I never liked it anyway.
I voted yesterday. Liberals won, got a few more seats. Conservatives lost a few seats and NDP gained a few. I can't wait to vote in a federal election while living in Ontario because I'll feel like my vote will count a little bit more than it did in BC. Enough with the politics for a while.
Fall is here now. The last few weeks have been so beautiful but now it's starting to cool off. I love winter. Snow is the best thing ever invented, it makes everything so exciting. Tamara, you know you love it!
At work today (the theater) I found out that I was the new "Box Office" leader. For every position (box, concession, floor, projectionist, treasures, managers, Bk, etc.) there is a leader who trains and looks after the rest of their crew. They didn't even ask me but I don't mind.
I feel like this post is all over the place. Oh well. Big news!!!!! Donald Trump is having lunch tomorrow at The National Club! I hope I get to see him, actually I just want to see his hair, lol.
Tamara, what have you been doing lately? You don't update any more. A picture of hockey players is not an update!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Happy Birthday Amanda

HAPPY 22nd BIRTHDAY AMANDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Believe it or not, I don't have a single picture of you on my computer since it crashed so here's some fellow celebrities who share your birthday.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Why me?

Tonight I was a victim of indecent exposure. I'm shocked that it happened right near my house. My neighbourhood has always been so quiet and safe. It's a good thing I'm moving now. Why do people do that? I'm not going to explain the details, only that it was very disturbing.


Sunday, October 07, 2007

Movie Reviews

3:10 yo Yuma
IMDB rating: 8.2/10
My Rating: 8/10
I think this was the first Western I've ever seen, and I liked it. There were a few parts I didn't like because I am a bit squeamish. Lot's of people die in this movie, but it has a good story, good acting, and suspenseful.

IMDB rating: 6.7/10
My rating: 7/10
It was ok, I didn't really think Kristen Kreuk was believable. She plays a Muslim girl from Pakistan. She doesn't look Pakistani to me and her accent would change all the time. Over all it was a good, tragic love story. A little bit slow and confusing in some parts. It was shot pretty nicely for a Canadian movie, good cinematography.

Good Luck Chuck
IMDB rating: 5/10
My rating: 2/10
Don't waste your time with this movie. It was boring, not funny, and gross. Why is Jessica Alba an actor? Why is Dane Cook a comedian when his jokes are so lame!

IMDB rating: 8.3/10
My rating: 7/10
If you seen the "40 Year Old Virgin" or "Knocked Up" this movie has similar jokes but not as good. It was only rated 14A but I think it should have been like 17A if there was such a rating. It was really funny and had a little bit if a moral message at the end. I saw it twice.

Across the Universe
IMDB Rating: 7.5/10
My Rating:10/10
I loved this movie!!!!!! Tamara saw it too. I loved it so much I saw it twice and will see it again and again. It's a musical and all the songs are remakes of Beetle songs. All the songs are amazing, I downloaded the entire soundtrack. It's funny, it's sad, its empowering, and is very creative. Yessss!!!!!!

Eastern Promises
IMDB rating: 8.1/10
My rating: 7/10
It was good, kind of dark. The only thing that I didn't like was the violence, hence the 18A rating. I can't even count how people you see getting their throats slit. It's about this midwife who delivers a baby from a 14 year old Russian prostitute who died after giving birth. The Russian girl had a diary with her and the midwife gets it translated so that she can locate a family for the baby but she discovers horrible secrets that are linked to the Russian Mob. Viggo Mortonsen and Naomi Watts did a very good job. Near the end there's this crazy fight scene. Oh man, I had my eye's shut for like 5 minutes. It was one of the most disgusting, realistic fight scenes I've ever seen. Ha, I just contradicted myself. This might get some Oscars.
Next Review: Into the Wild and The Assassination of Jesse James. Both these movies are only playing in one theater in all of Toronto. What's with that?

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Ikea, 5 minute walk

I FOUND A HOME!!!!!!! It kind of came out of no where. I came home from work around noon, checked my e-mail, then checked the home search sites I always check and there was the ad. So I phoned and agreed to go right over. Saw the place, said yes, and now I won't be homeless. Here's all the details...

- $400 a month
- 2 other room mates (haven't met yet)
- Beautiful street
- 4 minute walk to subway
- 20 min subway right to theater where I work
- 35 min subway ride to The National Club
- Washer and Dryer!!!!!!!!
- 2 washrooms
- In basement
- Wireless Internet
- A bed!!!!!!!
- A TV (I'm not sure if there's cable)
- Canadian Tire 4 minute walk
- McDonalds, Pizza Pizza, M&M meats, convenience stores 4 minute walk
- Safe area
- A few different malls at next subway stop
- Hospital 10 minute walk
- Really nice landlord (so far)

And that's all I know so far. I don't know the area that well so there's a lot more for me to explore. I already have the key and can move in when ever I want. I had to take it or leave it right there because they already had like 5 other people coming after me and the ad was pretty much just posted. So, now I'm gonna book off a Saturday and try to rent a car.

Tomorrow at work I'm serving the something General of Switzerland. As long as I don't have to serve them wine I'll be ok. I hate pouring wine when I'm nervous. When Tamara was visiting, Stockwell Day came and did a remembrance speech for the Canadian 911 victims and the Air India Victims. I like working my new position at the club so far but I'm still having a hard time remembering the members names. My boss also had a talk with me today and told me I have more responsibility now so when it's not busy in the Simcoe (the room I work in) I can use my own judgment and go other places in the club to help out, usually we go where ever he tells us. Anyway, I better get to bed.

Monday, October 01, 2007

New Jobs, Stray Dogs

Today was the day I got trained on both new positions. Both went pretty well. At the National Club the only thing I'm scared of is not being able to remember the faces of each member (they all look the same) and remembering how they like their breakfast. The menu isn't that complicated. At the theater I threaded the projectors which is pretty complicated. It took me many tries before I could do the entire thing successfully. It's this huge machine with knobs, wheels, switches and levers and you have to weave the film through it. The guy training me said there's way more complicated stuff to learn, he just wanted to teach me one thing at a time. Stress. Once again I'm the only girl who works up there.
No luck on a home yet. No one answers me!!! I've replied to about six. But I think I might have found a possible room mate, something I gotta think about. I went and visited Anita yesterday. I haven't seen her since May because she went to India to film a documentary. Her first! She can now call herself a professional film maker. She's submitting it to festivals in India and once she has enough money she's going to add subtitles because it's in Hindi and the she'll submit it to festivals in North America. I saw her documentary, it was so powerful. It was on stray dogs in Bombay and how their government pays the public $2 for every stray dog they kill. It was so sad. People slit their throats, throw acid on them, tie fire crackers to their tails. I couldn't even believe some of the footage she got. So anyway... we plan to make a documentary together now because Anita has a lot of confidence.
The provincial election is taking place here in the next week or so. I'm going to try vote but I don't know if they'll let me since I'm from B.C. I think you have to have lived in Ontario for a certain time. I'm still researching. At the same time there will be a vote for if you want the referendum. I have a friend who has been educating me on all this political stuff, it's interesting.

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