Friday, March 28, 2008


My room mate's on a 80's music binge. Even when I have my head phones on and my music playing full blast it doesn't drown out his music.

Christina's engaged!


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Anger Post

So I'm angry at my brother... Kevin. Kevin Mark Wiebe. I used to pick him up in my impressive 92 Honda Accord after his band practices. It made all his band geek friends jealous of him because he had a cool sister that would pick him up everyday in such a cool car. I gave him my room, my money, free rides to Walmart, my knowledge of pop music, and how does he repay me??? He doesn't talk to me, answer me, or respond to any sort of communication for over 4 months. Wait, I talked to him on the phone on Christmas but everyone in the entire room was forced to talk with me. Kevin, you suck.
P.S. That's Kevin's ugly foot

Sunday, March 23, 2008


So I guess it's time I updated. I had the last three days off and didn't bother to update because I was preoccupied with Roller Coaster Tycoon. I did some other stuff too; laundry, cleaned my room, typed out my resume, caught up on some sleep, watched some Third Watch and The Green Mile, took a walk to Harbour Front and of course spent every day with Josh. I just got back from Josh's, I met his family for the first time. His dad cooked a vegetarian meal, which was surprisingly very good and they gave me way too much chocolate to bring home. I remember my first Easter in Toronto. It was like a week or so after I moved here and I didn't know anyone, anyway I opened my door and in between my door and the screen door was tuns of chocolates and Easter decorations left by the old man that lived in my landlords basement. After the nice surprise I made mashed potato's with fake microwavable gravy. Then I ate my potato's and chocolates on my bed and listened to the radio for the rest of the day. This year was so much better.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I'd Stop Half Way

There's nothing worse than not having your cell phone. I forgot it at work today, I think. It wasn't in my bag when I got home so I'm assuming I left it at work. If not, I'm screwed!!!! There's also nothing worse than filling out passport forms, that's what I did today. Tomorrow I'm going to attempt to leave work early and head to a passport office. My parents and I are hoping to go to New York at the end of May. But I'm really cutting it close, If I don't get it in time I'll try not to be disappointed and maybe take a little vacation some where else later on. In other news, it's official, two room mates have moved out and one has moved in. I haven't met him yet but Josh saw him and said he was Asian. A little culture to add to my Caucasian household. I got a letter from my Grandma Wiebe today. She learned from my blog (through Auntie Krista) that I missed Saskatchewan and she had no idea I even liked it there. I had some of my most memorable moments on the farm. The Wingaurd Picnic, the Wingaurd ferry, dragonflies, Saskatoon berries, bail jumping, deer hoof prints, dirt roads, 7 hills to the house, banana bikes, mini golf, grasshoppers, baseball, Tinker Toys, Risky Business, kittens, cows, the ride-on lawnmower, reading, fresh potato's, fruit with cream for dessert, the missionary prayer list by the fridge, gum boots, potato salad, Prince Albert, sunsets, road kill, Ping Pong, The Piano, The steep wooden stairs to the basement, the musty smell in the basement that I LOVE, the deep freeze full of cow, the junk yard, the tire swing, Kevin and Rebecca's attempt at a tree fort, empty fields, graveyards that contain old relatives, White Birch Trees, coyotes, cutting hay, Grandma with fly swatter in hand, Grandpa's hat and stripped shirts, Dad's permanent smile, Auntie Barb watching TV... our old TV from 1988, the tractors, the paintings in Duck Lake, Scrimshaw (lol), Ice cream, The post office, OK I'll stop now but just know I could go on forever.

Friday, March 14, 2008


Movies I've seen in theaters recently

Semi pro
In BrugesMovies I bought recently

Into the Wild
The Last Kiss
Movies I want to see

The Happening (M.Night S.!!!!!!!!!!)
The Chronicles of Narnia The Prince of Caspian
Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants 2
Movies from my collection I want to pull out again

Lord of the Rings (all three)
Hotel Rwanda
Big Fish
Movies I'm borrowing

The Green Mile

Movies I'm lending out right now
The Assassination of Jesse James
The Life of David Gale

Movies that make me cry

Monkey Trouble

Bridge to Terabithia
Cider House Rules
Anne of Green Gables (all of them)
etc, etc.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Good vs. Evil

I'm in a blogging mood even though I really should be sleeping.

It seems like every one's going through a hard time lately; stress, life changing moments, health, painful situations. Does anyone have any good news out there? As for me, I'm good, just a little tired of work. I guess I should list off the good things going on since I'm struggling to keep this entry going.

Good things in Stephanie's life...
Josh, a family that's still alive and still talks to me, friends all over the Country, money to live comfortably, free movies, Kevin who still wants to hang out with me even though I'm never able to (I really do feel bad about that), no major health problems, my house is never cold, I can still read music, I have too many bra's, nobody on my bad side, and I discovered something that makes me calm and always cheers me up, a combination of coffee shop, I pod, sudoku puzzle, and a window. I'm sure there's more but seriously I have to get to sleep. Night.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Bike Show etc.

So over the weekend we got some crazy amounts of snow. Now it's starting to get sunny and there's clear sky but it's still so cold. Spring, where are yooooou?

Sunday I went to the bike show with Josh. We were a little late because we both forgot about the time change. Anyway we checked out the booths and watched some shows.

The coolest part was the pro bmx competition at the end of the day. We stood right at the front and had an awesome view. We were right beside one guy who wiped out and hit the back of his head on a rail. Anyways the competition was one of the coolest things I've seen in a long time, I had no idea they would be that good. I know most of you wouldn't be interested but if you are here's the link to ridebmx, they have footage of most of it. I know I said I'd take a picture of Josh's hairy face but he made it extremely hard. He'll probably hate me for this but here are my attempts.

I feel a little creepy.

Friday, March 07, 2008


I was so tired at work today, My supervisor let me go sleep in one of the empty private dinning rooms. I slept for a half an hour and then went back to work. I felt so guilty but she practically ordered me to do it. So remember Michael, that gay guy I work with? I don't know how that man survives. He has a bar tab of over $700 and every night if he's not working he's out drinking. After each pay check he pays his bills and then the rest is spent on drinks. He told me he only has $2 in his bank account right now, pay day is on Wednesday. He has a lot of health problems too. He has some problem with his feet so he walks really slowly and he has rotting teeth because he can't afford to fix them. I know he yelled at me before but he apologized and now we get along great. Everyone calls us sisters, lol.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Happy Birthday Craig

It was my cousin Craig's birthday the other day, HAPPY BIRTHDAY CRAIG!!!!! How old are you again? 13, 14, 15?

I saw Eiko and Anita a few hours ago (friends from TFC). It's been over a year since I've seen Eiko and like 5 months since I've seen Anita. Eiko is back from Japan, made some money, has a "sort of" boyfriend, and is bored because she can't work, Anita got rejected to go into the US so she'll be living in Canada without her husband or moving back to India in the fall. Anita is so upfront, she'll ask you such personal questions or she'll tell you when your being an idiot. Her advice to me today was 1. I have to move out of my home 2. I need a hair cut 3. I should be more assertive 4. I need to come visit her more 5. I need to drink 2 cups of tea a day and 6. I need to learn how to say NO. I know for a fact that work has cost me friends. I 'm stuck right now. Should I keep working two jobs and have money to spare or should I only work one and survive off the bare minimum? I also keep saying I'll try for a film job but these jobs are mostly for the summer and I want so bad to go back to Terrace during the summer. The perfect situation would be that I found a job editing, they bought me my own Mac so I could work from home or on the road, and the job paid more than my two jobs now put together. Anyway, looking forward to Sunday, I'm going to the bike show with Josh. I'll probably bring out the old camera and you can see how hairy Josh's face is. Hahahahaha.

Below: Eiko, Anita, and Dario. Filming "Language of Love" at the public library. And I'm throwing this rare photo of me at the National Club, in uniform. This is the room I work in for breakfast, the Simco Private.

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